Improving your fitness is a marathon, not a sprint. Nothing happens over night and there is no magic formula. If you struggle with stability, mobility or injuries, while others may be plateaued at an optimal level of fitness. At Wired Fitness San Diego, our personal training programs, can adapt to your individual needs no matter where your fitness level is at. Our experienced coaches will create the perfect workout that promotes success in and out of the session. The sessions can take place anywhere, all of our equipment is mobile. If you’d like to train in a gym there are a few choices around the San Diego area. Workouts will consist of cardio, strength, plyometrics, core, flexibility or stability. All workouts will be created for you and in-line with your fitness and program goals.


  • Bodybuilding
  • Power Lifting
  • Sports Specific
  • Corrective Flexibility
  • General Fitness
  • Injury Prevention
  • Fat Loss & Weight Management
  • Core & Balance Training


  • Faster results
  • Professional guidance
  • Reduced chance of injury
  • Create lasting habits
  • Overcome plateaus
  • Motivation & consistency
  • Clarity & confidence
  • Accountability

Ann B.

I originally came across Wired Fitness (Carmel Valley) while I was attending a boot camp at the same location (different area). Once my groupon was up with that bootcamp I headed on a trip to Maui with my family. Let me back up, I love to train, love to workout and challenge myself. However, I have the attention span of a gnat. So, upon retuning I decided I should get back in bootcamp to get off the vacation lbs. I gained in Maui. I liked the boot camp I had attended but wasn’t keen on returning necessarily, primarily because the boot camp was so repetitious. Again, love to workout, attention span of a gnat. So, that boot camp had worn itself out after the 6 weeks I attended originally. Well, as luck should have it, I came across a groupon  for Wired Fitness and decided I would give it a go! I attended classes M & W and loved it right away. Wasn’t quite sure what to think of Bryan the owner/trainer when I first met him, I sensed he was a good guy even though he looks and “acts” like a tough guy at times.(teddy bear alert) HA HA!  Bryan turned out to be pretty awesome and most importantly he keeps it FRESH…. what a freaking concept? No kidding right? I like to learn as I train, new moves, new techniques, new equipment… grow..evolve…did I mention TRX? Awesomeness, right?
Well, needless to say I continued to attend sessions once my groupon was up. If you can get any of my fitness dollars you are doing something very right. Especially since I do pilates, have a trainer at World Gym, and belong to 2 gyms.  Your Take away? Give Wired Fitness a go, it really is a family like affair…. I liked all the people I met there, loved all the workouts (even the ones I didn’t at the time). My fitness level grew and I got stronger. I did loose the lbs…. thanks to eating well as well as working out hard. Wired fitness is ideal for all ages and fitness levels and is a good place to kick of getting back into shape off. Its not like you are going to get it done sitting on the couch. Get up early, pay yourself first, best part, someone else is going to tell you what to do.
Your day and life will improve 1000 fold! See ya there.

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