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Look no further.  Wired Fitness will take you to the next level.  We created the original Outdoor Fitness Class back in 2001 and have been offering, 1-ON-1 and Buddy Personal Training, Online Coaching, Youth Fitness for the kids, Private Group and Nutrition Coaching over the past 21 years to help you bust through plateaus. Every session is 60-minutes with unique programming offering a full-body experience. No boring cardio! Cardio is designed into the workout for short metabolic intervals keeping the workouts challenging, intense and fun. Everything we do is modifiable up or down so no frustration or intimidation. If you are looking for a way to burn 400-900 calories in a workout while maximizing time and results, then your search is over. 


For those of you that are independent and want to work on your schedule outside of class times, we offer a customized, personal workout program designed specifically for you, your goals, with the equipment you have available. These programs will have weekly accountability, video or in-person coaching consults, nutrition plans in line with your stats and goals, and unlimited advice to keep you progressing towards new levels every month. 


Our youth fitness programs currently only have private offerings and small groups that could be private with siblings or coordinated with friends or same aged kids the coach selects. Space is limited so please contact a coach today to secure your spot or get on top of the waiting list.


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