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Unlimited access to ALL HIIT Fitness Bootcamps with this Introductory Special at 40% off the package rate.


Introductory Special for a fast-paced interval fitness bootcamp class that is run as a personal training session for participants of all levels and ages.  Each class is 60 minutes of challenging exercises, intense super-sets and ab busting core movements.  All classes have a full body focus and no workouts are ever repeated.  Minimal cardio to maximize the strength focus.  Experience sand bags, slam balls, battle ropes, bands, medicine balls, chains, tires, sledge hammers, weights, barbells and in some locations stairs and TRX.  This introductory special package will allow you to see what kind of schedule works best for you and how your body recovers from the workouts before you commit to a set class day per week package.  You will also  be allowed to participate in ALL locations to see what mix fits you best.


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