Mission Bay Youth Fitness: Building Strong Bodies and Confident Minds

Are you looking for a dynamic and engaging fitness program for your kids? Look no further! Wired Fitness San Diego is thrilled to announce our Mission Bay Youth Fitness Classes, starting at our new location on March 5, 2024. These classes are specially designed for kids aged 10 to 16, providing an integrative and comprehensive approach to health and wellness.

What Can Your Child Expect in Our Mission Bay Youth Fitness Classes?

1. Strength Training: Building Strong Bodies

Strength training isn’t just for adults. It’s a fantastic way for kids to develop muscle strength, endurance, and overall fitness. Through controlled movements and age-appropriate exercises, our young participants will build a solid foundation for a healthy future. Plus, it’s not about bulking up; it’s about feeling strong and confident.

2. Cardio and Metabolic Conditioning: Boosting Endurance

Cardiovascular health is crucial at any age. Our classes incorporate heart-pumping activities that improve endurance, increase lung capacity, and enhance overall cardiovascular fitness. Whether it’s running, jumping, or crawling, your child will have a blast while improving their stamina.

3. Agility and Coordination: Nurturing Athletic Skills

Sports and play require agility and coordination. Our expert instructors will guide your child through drills and exercises that enhance balance, coordination, and quick reflexes. These skills are not only essential for sports but also for everyday life.

4. Flexibility and Mobility: Keeping Joints Supple

Functional and mobility exercises are vital for maintaining healthy joints and preventing injuries. Our classes include dynamic exercises that improve flexibility, reduce muscle stiffness, and promote better posture. Your child will move with ease and grace.

5. Injury Prevention: Safety First

Safety is our top priority. With small class sizes (limited to 8 participants), we ensure personalized attention and proper supervision. Our instructors will teach your child how to move safely, use correct form, and prevent common exercise-related injuries.

6. Social Outlet and Confidence Building

Beyond physical fitness, our Youth Fitness Classes offer a social outlet. Kids will interact with peers, make friends, and share their fitness journey. As they conquer challenges and achieve milestones, their self-esteem and confidence will soar.

Mission Bay Youth Fitness Class Details

  • When: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:15 PM to 5:15 PM
  • Where: 1344 East Mission Bay Drive (Tecolote South)
  • Age Group: 10 to 16 years old
  • Cost: $40 per session (single child), $30 per session (multiple children)


Join us in shaping a healthier, happier future for your child.

Enroll them in our Youth Fitness Classes today! Please Click the ‘Enroll Button’ and the blue ‘Schedule Button‘ below to RSVP for class.

Remember, fitness isn’t just about physical strength—it’s about building resilient minds and confident spirits. Let’s empower our youth together!

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