Experience the metabolic Burn in our Outdoor Fitness Classes Today

Who doesn’t want their calorie furnace burning beyond their workouts?  It’s like compounding interest on their investment that is workout time.  That is the idea behind the metabolic approach to our outdoor fitness classes.  Sound too good to be true?  Come experience a class for yourself today and see for yourself.

The idea behind metabolic training is to do specific movement intervals to increase your bodies metabolic efficiency.  You’ll train your body to burn more calories at rest—something we call ‘afterburn’ since your body is burning calories after you’ve finished your workout.

This approach is extremely effective at building muscle and getting rid of fat stores.  No one is saying that it’s easy, you must put the work in to get results.  To achieve this result, you give maximum effort through various compound movements (multiple muscle groups at a time) for a short, intense interval.  Workouts will be more concentrated than a typical cardio or gym strength workout.

Benefits you will see from our training style

    • Burn more calories every workout, boosting fat-burning
    • Burn more calories at rest, post-workout
    • Build muscle faster
    • Improved cardiovascular capacity
    • Break plateaus easier
    • Reduce workout boredom
    • Improves focus
    • Saves you time by incorporating everything in one session
    • Elicit a powerful hormonal response

 If you are ready to experience a workout at one of our San Diego locations (Carmel Valley, Clairemont or Mission Bay), register for your free class today.  No obligation, no commitment, the only thing you will lose is up to 800 calories.  Try it for yourself today and see why we’ve been helping San Diegans achieve their fitness goals for 20 years.  You can also check our schedule via Schedulicty

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