Ramp up your training gradually, preparing your body for specific demands, and avoiding fatigue.

Emphasize Recovery

Encompassing both recovery and range-of-motion work that prevents sorts of movement limitations and compensations that build up over time and can cause injuries.

Go Hard, But Easy!

20% high intensity and 80% low intensity.  Be more deliberate in your training, focusing limited time honing specific skills, and more on correcting fitness weaknesses.

Eat to Feed Muscles

It’s not about just eating healthy.  As we get older we need to focus more on protein and the number of times its consumed during the day.  Adding protein lowers the Glycemic Index  of foods.  I also try to take in 3-5 grams of creatine to help build, hydrate muscle cells and maintain lean muscle during any phase of dieting. Use coupon code WIREDFIT to save 10% on your supplements www.nutrimartusa.com .

Sweat the Small Stuff!

Seperate desirable training stresses from undesirable ones.  Instead of adding weight to a movement, creating an unstable environment like push-ups on a medicine ball, or using resistance bands when you lunge.  Focus on smaller, neglected muscles to avoid injury and increase function.

Learn Something New

Sticking to the same plan will chew up your body.  Something new may be the cure.  It’s OK if you suck at it.  As an old power-lifter/bodybuilder I suck at stairs, but, every time I do them I will suck less!

Get a Workout In

Ready to make a change and do something uncomfortable, different and challenging?  Schedule a free personal training session or group fitness class with other 40 Somethings and a coach that understands you and your needs.  Doesn’t hurt that we are also over 40 as well and have experienced most of what you may be going through.  Leave us a message below and we will contact you


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