Explore a new workout option that maximizes results in minimal time with an outdoor San Diego HIIT Workout

These days everyone is shuffling schedules, kids, careers or all of the above.  Our San Diego HIIT workout will maximize your time by incorporating several training modalities into a single 60-minute session that allows you to achieve optimal results, while still attending to your other obligations.  Here are some benefits of our program and training style.

  1. Burn Lots of Calories in a Short Period of Time. You have the ability to burn 25-30% more calories than a regular weight lifting or cardio session.
  2. Metabolic Rate is Higher Post-Workout for a Longer Period of Time. The science behind HIIT training has been shown to utilize fat store as energy rather than carbs as proven in other workouts. In addition, the after burn effect will have to continuing to burn calories long after your workout is complete.
  3. HIIT Workouts Help You to Burn More Fat.  Our classes incorporate strength, resistance training, cardiovascular and core specific programming into every workout exposing you the most diverse session possible.
  4. You Will Gain Muscle and Muscular Endurance.  We use medicine balls, resistance bands, sand bags, ropes, weights, so you can add lean muscle into that fat burning mix. Secondly, you will be doing these exercises at an increased tempo for higher repetitions.  This technique will force your muscles to increase endurance, allowing you to do more for longer periods of time.
  5. Improve Oxygen Consumption. HIIT will allow you to improve consumption similar to long-distance running or biking in a shorter duration of time.
  6. Reduce Your Heart Rate and Blood Pressure. 
  7. Lower Sugar Can be Reduced. It’s been shown that HIIT can lower insulin sensitivity more than any type of moderate-intensity exercise program.  This is beneficial for those that are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. 
  8. HIIT will improve aerobic and anaerobic activity. 
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