Summer Fitness Classes in a Park Near You!

Let’s face it, the past few years haven’t exactly been playgrounds for our kids. Increased screen time due to the pandemic has left many youngsters less active than ideal. This can lead to a cascade of issues, from weight gain to anxiety and sleep problems. Here at Wired Fitness San Diego, we understand the importance of keeping your child healthy and happy, which is why we offer two fantastic solutions: Structured Summer Fitness Classes and Youth Training and Sports Performance Programs.


Structured Summer Fitness Classes: Building a Strong Foundation

Structured classes offer a dynamic environment where your child can participate in a variety of fun and engaging activities designed to improve:

    • Cardiovascular Health: Strong hearts equal healthy bodies! These programs get your child’s blood pumping, building endurance and stamina they can carry into all aspects of life.
    • Muscular Strength:Growing bodies need strong muscles! Our classes incorporate age-appropriate strength training to help develop balance, coordination, and overall physical development.
    • Social Skills: Teamwork makes the fitness dream work! Structured classes provide opportunities for your child to interact with peers, fostering friendships and healthy social interaction.

Structured Summer Fitness Classes: Addressing Your Concerns

Q: Are these classes suitable for all fitness levels?

Absolutely! Our programs are designed to be inclusive and adaptable for kids aged 9-16. We cater to beginners, intermediate, and even advanced young athletes.

Q: Will my child get bored?

Never! We keep things fresh and exciting with a variety of activities, from fitness challenges-drills, diverse programming, obstacle courses, circuit training, and fun fitness games.


Youth Fitness Training: Personalized Coaching for Peak Performance

Looking for a more specialized approach? Our Youth Fitness Training programs offer one-on-one coaching tailored to your child’s individual needs and goals. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Customized Training Plans: Our certified trainers create personalized programs that target specific areas, whether it’s cardiovascular improvement, strength development, or preparing for a particular sport. Every program is unique to the participants.
  • Motivation and Support: Dedicated coaches provide guidance, encouragement, , mindset and positive reinforcement to help your child reach their full potential.
  • Confidence Building: One-on-one training fosters a strong coach-athlete bond, leading to increased confidence and a sense of accomplishment. This type of confidence is needed to take them to the next level of performance.

Youth Fitness Training: Your Questions Answered

Q: What type of training does this involve?

This training will be designed based on the child(ren)’s needs. We will teach proper lifting technique and biomechanics of the lifts. Educate on programming from sets to reps, and timing of the reps. Discuss different approaches to their program based on the agree goals. Programming can or will include, weightlifting, power movements, mobility and flexibility conditioning, core strength-stability-power, and much much more.

Q: Is one-on-one coaching appropriate for my child?

This option is perfect for kids who thrive in a more individualized setting. It’s also ideal for those with specific fitness goals, injuries, special needs, or who simply prefer a more tailored  and unique approach.

Q: How do I get started?

We offer a free consultation where you can discuss your child’s needs and goals with one of our experienced trainers.

Youth Strength Training 6

Wired Fitness San Diego: Investing in Your Child's Future

Whether you choose our structured classes or personalized training, Wired Fitness San Diego provides a safe and supportive environment where your child can develop a lifelong love of fitness. Let us help your child build strength, confidence, and a healthy future they can be proud of.

Contact Wired Fitness San Diego today, REGISTER your child and give your child the gift of health!

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