Looking to Create a New Year Fitness and Nutrition Program and Don't Know Where to Start?

The new year is the time of the year everyone tries to change their fitness, health, and nutrition journeys. It’s always a great time for a reset. The key is not to set the bar too high, so we can avoid frustration, blowing it, and going back to square zero. The problem is that most new year fitness and nutrition programs work initially because you are making a change to your current plateaued program, by adding in something new. You need to take a more slow and steady type of approach here and think long term. You don’t want to burn out working out 7 days a week, meal prepping every meal, adjusting your schedule too much that you create chaos. That level of commitment isn’t feasible, and it will not last. Then February rolls in and you are back to your old ways.

I always find out what’s the hardest component for my clients to conquer. If Nutrition is the most difficult, we try and come up with a plan that is manageable and will not add too much stress and difficulty to follow. We start with macros, calculating personalized goals, so they can start tracking what they eat, so they can see if they are eating too much, or too little, and in-line with their goals. Once they are educated on this, we move on to more advanced meal planning. Some adjust better to an 80/20 rule, where they eat strict 80% of the time and the other 20% is so-so on point. It all comes down to the individual, are they cooking for them, a family, or an army. Nutrition is by far the hardest to nail down, but when it’s dialed in, the results will amaze you.

Maybe they eat good, and their plan only needs slight tweaking. If that’s the case, we focus strictly on workouts. At Wired Fitness our Outdoor Fitness classes offer a full-body experience, focusing on strength, mobility, flexibility, and cardiovascular programing all in one session. These sessions can be in addition to your existing fitness routine or your only program. Either way they will add the variety of movements your body needs to reawaken, reinvent, and redefine who you are. Maybe you don’t like the class-setting and want to do this on your own in a gym or at home. Our coaches can create an online fitness training plan personalized for you; with the equipment you have available to accomplish the same goals. You will have your own trainer creating your program that will help you eliminate any confusion and provide maximum results. Another option may be in-person coaching. Some of us need the accountability and that expert to keep an eye on us to ensure everything we do is perfect. Whatever your preference is, our coaches will help you reach your short and long-term goals efficiently and effectively.

So, before we dive into changing every aspect of life this January, let’s see what needs the most work and tackle that first. Contact a coach below to discuss your needs, goals, and timeline.

For the month of January, we are also having a fat-loss, transformation challenge that will help create healthy, long-lasting habits, and you have a chance to win some money. The buy-in is $50 and we will have two winners that share the pot. More to follow soon.


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