We are WIRED FITNESS a San Diego fitness and nutrition coaching company.  Our trainers will educate, lead and support you on your journey in our coed ‘larger’ group outdoor fitness boot camps, small group fitness training, youth programs, personal training and online fitness program design.  WF training programs serve all of San Diego County.



Our outdoor HIIT fitness bootcamp classes focus on all your muscle groups with a mix of cardio, core, strength and functional movements for a challenging, intense and fun workout every class.

We utilize a variety of equipment and terrains to maximize your programs effectiveness in a motivating community of participants.

If gyms intimidate you, our classes can be the solution for you. Experienced trainers that know your struggles, will demonstrate the movements, assessing and critiquing form as you progress so that you experience a workout that will leave you feeling sore the next day.

Regardless whether you’ve been looking to tone up problem areas or build strength and cardiovascular endurance, your search is over and bootcamp is your solution.


  • No repeated workouts
  • No boring cardio
  • Always new & fresh workouts
  • Burn 500-800 calories each session
  • Overcome plateaus
  • All equipment provided
  • All fitness levels welcome
  • Flexible scheduling


  • Faster results
  • Professional guidance
  • Reduced chance of injury
  • Create lasting habits
  • Elevate your fitness level
  • Motivation & consistency
  • Clarity & confidence
  • Accountability

LeaAnne J.

There is nothing like Wired Fitness Bootcamps!  The classes are always different, never the same thing twice.  Bryan keeps up on the latest and greatest fitness trends and techniques. He definitely makes sure that you get the most out of every class.  Come check it out!


Selma T

I’ve been going to Bryan’s Carmel Valley boot camp 3 times a week for over 12 years – is that enough of an endorsement? I love it that he makes it easy for all levels of fitness to follow the workouts he writes out on a whiteboard. The workouts are varied and challenging and fun. At different times we work out with medicine balls, TRXs, sand bags, ropes, chains, bands of different types, weights. It’s the best way to start your day!



This online fitness training option is for those that don’t live in the San Diego area, those that travel frequently or for those residing out of the area.

This is a convenient way to train on your own schedule and avoid the costs of personal training. Your program will be designed to progressively teach you purposeful and skillful movement patterns that will translate directly to lifetime activities, recreation, and sport.

Our training program will be delivered through a series of different workouts based on your preferences to enhance your overall strength, coordination, body composition, body awareness, flexibility and balance.

Programming is for beginner to advanced, sport specific to cardio and strength training, and is customized to fit your lifestyle and your goals.



Valerie Hofstetter

I wanted to let you know that Jesse is in his first month of football practice and is doing very well. He has grown 3+ inches in the last 6 months and is tall and skinny but he is also toned and conditioned and pretty fast. I attribute so much of his success on the time that he spent with you. You gave him the confidence and belief that he could be an athlete and compete. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for agreeing to work with him and being such a great mentor, coach, confidant and big brother to him! You made a huge difference in his life!



These days kids aren’t playing outside to get healthy or fit, they are connected to their tablets, cell phones, computers, games and TV.

Our Youth Fitness Training Programs around San Diego will provide a fun, motivating atmosphere that will challenge your children to set and reach their goals, raise confidence in their abilities and performance and help them to discover their strengths.

Our one-on-one and small group programs are designed for all levels of athletes or non-athletes, boys and girls, from all sports and backgrounds. Our trainers will be there to guide, encourage, instruct and motivate your kids and help them to achieve their fitness goals in the safest environment to keep them injury free.

We come to your location of choice, outdoors in a park setting, your backyard or gym facility in your neighborhood.  All of our equipment is mobile.


  • Improve self-esteem and confidence
  • Improve speed, agility and coordination
  • Increase strength and power
  • Improve flexibility preventing injuries
  • Body fat loss and weight management
  • Sharpened balance and posture
  • Improved muscular endurance and function
  • Develop deeper concentration abilities
  • Heightened sports performance


Improving your fitness is a marathon, not a sprint. Nothing happens over night and there is no magic formula.

If you struggle with stability, mobility or injuries, while others may be plateaued at an optimal level of fitness. At Wired Fitness San Diego, our personal training programs, can adapt to your individual needs no matter where your fitness level is at.

Our experienced coaches will create the perfect workout that promotes success in and out of the session. The sessions can take place anywhere, all of our equipment is mobile.

If you’d like to train in a gym there are a few choices around the San Diego area. Workouts will consist of cardio, strength, plyometrics, core, flexibility or stability. All workouts will be created for you and in-line with your fitness and program goals.


      • Bodybuilding
      • Power Lifting
      • Sports Specific
      • Corrective Flexibility
      • General Fitness
      • Injury Prevention
      • Fat Loss & Weight Management
      • Core & Balance Training




We have plenty of open slots for you to create an awesome experience.  Click the button above and select ‘Services’.


      • Accountability
      • Supportive Environment
      • Goal Specific
      • Fun Working out with a Friend
      • Succeed as a Team
      • Motivate & Inspire Each Other
      • Burn More Calories Together

Small group training provides personal training in an intimate environment of 2-4 participants.  You can excel and take your program up a couple notches at a fraction of what one-on-one sessions cost.  You still get personalized coaching, program that targets your specific goals and needs, and continuous accountability from your coach and training partners.

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