Our weight loss and fitness journey has many components that must be met in order to succeed and reach your goals.  Here are the main components that must be met.
  • Consistency. If you want to make progress in your weight loss or fitness program, you need to stay consistent! There is no work-around here. It takes about four weeks for you to start noticing change in your body and about eight weeks for others to notice. Everyone is different and time lives may vary.  Stay consistent with your eye on the goal.
  • Adherence.  If you are 70-90%, you will get 70-90% success or none at all.  You have to be focused 100% and if you stray, get right back on track without hesitation.
Your fitness program of choice is key! Are you burning enough calories for a deficit? How's the intensity?
  • Your Program. Our bodies are experts at adapting.  So variation and a progressive weight loss program is key.  If you stay the same, expect the same.  Same goes for your workout program.  If you are doing the same exercises, same reps, similar weights, you will never change.  Our workout programs are designed to create muscle confusion.  Always new, always different.  Check out the outdoor class schedule here.  Four convenient San Diego locations to choose from.

Don’t expect optimal results if you have limited adherence

  • Your Intensity Level. This applies to your workouts only.  If it doesn’t challenge you , it won’t change you.
  • Following Your Macros. It all comes down to calories in versus calories out.  If you are not eating for your body, lifestyle, activity, and creating a deficit you will not lose weight.  Same goes to a surplus if you are trying to add mass.  Be in the know with a coach.
  • Manage Stress Levels. Sometimes we need to just take a break to regroup and refocus.  Life is crazy, don’t let it derail you.
  • Sleep for Recovery.  VERY important!  Make sure you are getting at least 7-8 of sleep every night. Magic happens at night when you are asleep.  Don’t slack on this component.
Select the option that you are most interested in. You can always discuss the other options with your coach later.

It's Not Just About Countiung Macros and Working Out a Few Times a Week


Developing regular sleeping patterns and stress management skills are the two most important factors in any weight loss or fitness program.  Period!

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