Reverse the Sedentary Effects of the Pandemic with Our Youth Fitness Programs

Exercise regimens were affected by the pandemic lockdown, home schooling; however, it is vital to encourage an active lifestyle in children, before sedentary habits become established in our young people.  

Routines and structure are helpful, so we’ve created youth fitness programs to help your children break free from the damage of an isolated lifestyle. 


Our fast-paced, high-energy training sessions for kids combines cardiovascular, resistance and functional training in a unique environment.  Our youth fitness programs are designed to help build cardio and muscular endurance, strength, promote weight loss, encourage teamwork, and conquer and physical and mental challenges they face.  The sessions provide a fun, motivational and challenging atmosphere that will help your child build self-confidence, creating a can-do attitude.  Every session is different, keeping the kids from boredom, keeping them excited about participating.

The movement programming is created by thoroughly trained coaches with over 20 years of performance training experience.  These training sessions are great for kids that are new to exercising and for those that are currently involved in sports.  We can either introduce your kids to fitness to carry with them for years to come, or help them reach their next level of fitness and improve their performance in their sport.

We are currently enrolling for the Allied Gardens and Mission Bay areas for Spring/Summer 2022.  Groups will be small with up to 8 participants to keep the sessions more personal.  1- and 2-on-1 private training is also available based on availability.  Click the link to  Register your kid for a program they can carry on for years to come or complete the form below to ask question or offer suggestions.

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