Just 60 Minutes Per Day Can Help with Youth Mental Heath Challenged Faced by Our Kids These Days

Factors related to the pandemic exacerbated an already existing problem with youth mental health. The pandemic brought stresses of isolation, disruption, social isolation impacts of kids and families. Being in California is hard enough for some families struggling to make ends meet. Families are working more and some working odd hours, meaning less time to spend with kids as a family. This will also have a huge impact on our children.

Even with some schools providing mental health services, one thing they aren’t addressing is activity to keep the kids healthy. Some schools have started running groups, although that is a start, it is not enough. 

Most of us have gone for a walk to shake off a bad day, so we know a little exercise does wonders for a bad mood. When we work our muscles, it makes us feel good, and studies increasingly show that emotional and mental health is improved through exercise, both immediately and long term.


Exercise Builds Brains

Getting regular cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis improves beneficial hormones the same way anti-depressants can. Chenicals in our brains that affect our moods (serotonin), stress hormones and endorphins, change when we exercise. Every workout session can increase these helpful chemicals while decreasing stress hormones. This alone can help curb negative thinking.

Learning Something New Builds Self-Esteem

Exposing kids to new activities and different types of exercises allows them to develop self-esteem. Finding the best activity that best supports your Childs interests and skills greatly helps children see themselves in a positive light. In our workout sessions we promote positivity, and will teach your child that they ‘CAN’ accomplish anything if they try. We can modify anything we do to ensure they master everything, accomplish tasks, and feel good about themselves to tackling any challenge.


Don't Let Youth Mental Health Obstacles Detour Your Kids Development!

Currently we are offering 1ON1, 2ON1, and Small Group training for your kids. Our coaches are in the process of creating a centrally located Group Class in Mission Bay on TTH’s 430-515PM. Weekends may also be a possibility based on interest. Coach Bryan has some evening slots available on a first come, first serve basis. If you are interested in getting your child started on a personalized program, geared to them, their fitness and skill level, contact a coach today by completing the form below. To register your child for their new fitness program, please click here to get started. If you are interested in one of our adult classes, please check out our schedule. Some kids may be considered for a tandem-parent workout at some locations.

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