The Original Outdoor Carmel Valley Fitness Classes Since 2001


Join the longest, continuous, outdoor HIIT classes today with NO obligation.  In this class location you will incinerate fat and maximize results utilizing three sets of staircases throughout the park, a 30 degree ramp along the building, a concrete amphitheater, picnic tables, rising concrete wall around the playground, basketball courts and a few running tracks to add in some extra cardio.  

These classes offer a variety of full-body workouts incorporating core, strength, cardiovascular, endurance and flexibility training.  Our coaches use medicine balls, resistance bands, weights, ropes, sand bags, TRX and other equipment to challenge you and make the workouts as intense as your bodies will allow.  Don’t worry!  Everything we do in class can be toned down for beginners and ramped up for the advanced conditioned participants.  Age is just a number and participants range from 30-70yrs old.

Join us MWF 600AM to the right of the Carmel Valley Rec Center building (at 3777 Townsgate Drive) and TTH 600AM at Solana Ranch Park (at 13605 Pacific Highlands Ranch Parkway) by REGISTERING, then RSVP for your class on our SCHEDULE.

We offer packages that are two and three sessions per week, unlimited to go five days a week in both locations, or for those with crazy schedules, we have a 10-session punch card that allows for more flexibility with scheduling.  Classes are priced as low as a trip to Starbucks without the crash!  You will have energy ALL day long from our classes.  So what are you waiting for?

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