A Fitness Program Without Adequate Protein for Recovery is Failure.

Why is it so important?

Proteins are the building blocks of your body.  Your bodies Legos. ALL lean tissue in your body is made up of protein.  That is why it is so important.  Every time you exercise you are micro tearing your muscles and connective tissue.  In order to repair this, your body needs adequate protein for recovery. Increase the intensity in your workouts, your protein needs increase to repair the damage.   You always was to be in the black on this macro nutrient to prevent losing muscle mass.


There are numerous studies and schools of thought on ‘how much’ we need daily.  These range from 0.8 to 2.2 per kg of bodyweight.  I feel the lower number is the bare minimum for survival.  I always try and teach to stay towards the upper range of that spectrum if you are active, participating in a fitness program, or looking to sustain and develop lean muscle tissue.  Most of my active clients shoot for a 1gr per pound goal, where some may use the same calculation based on lean body mass.  It all comes down to your goals and needs for recovery.

Here are some other important facts about protein:

  • You need adequate amounts just to stay healthy
  • Need to maintain muscle mass
  • Helps keep blood sugars stable
  • Keeps you satiated
  • Responsible for growth, repair and maintenance of cells
  • Your body may become catabolic, using muscle for energy, if levels are too low
  • Builds muscle, cartilage and skin
  • Plays a role in hormone regulation

Not sure how to figure this out based on your fitness program, goals and stats? One of our coaches can help you determine your needs.

Contact a coach today to setup a free consultation to see if fitness coaching is what you need to finally see results and succeed on your journey.  Click here to see our local San Diego Fitness Class schedule

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