Personal Training Near Me in San Diego!

If you are looking for personal training options at home, in a local park setting or in a gym environment, look no further! Coach Bryan has you covered. Along with our existing San Diego boot camp offering, we are also expanding to private and buddy training in a local parks around where you live. Train in a large group of like-minded participants, train with a buddy, friend or spouse, or train privately on your own.  Wired Fitness has been bringing San Diego boot camp classes for over 20 years and coach Bryan has over 25 years of industry experience.  Be part of a group and training style that yields results.  

If you choose to train in a gym setting, we will educate you and introduce you to the most effective and efficient way to program your workouts that maximize the most results.  No more anxiety about what to do, how much to do, and when to do it.  We will take the what’s, how’s and when’s out of the picture for you and allow you to focus only on progress.



What Can I Expect From a Training Session?

  • Unleash your potential and unmatched motivation
  • Transform your body and mind
  • Get ready to sweat, smile and succeed
  • Achieve your fitness goals with a customized plan and expert guidance
  • Experience the power of personal training and reach new heights
  • Take control of your health 
  • Get fit, have fun, and feel fantastic with a personalized approach
  • Feel stronger, more energized, and unstoppable
  • Be challenged, engaged and have fun


Describe the type of training you are looking for? You can detail equipment you have, your goals, needs, etc. What are you looking to get from our program?

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