Your new fitness experience is here! Try our Outdoor HIIT Fitness Classes today in Mission Bay Park, San Diego

Our Coaches are looking to create a 600AM class in the San Diego Area. Two location options are Clairemont or Allied Gardens. If you are interested please send a quick note on the form below. If you and your friends are interested in another location in the San Diego City area, please let us know so we can get your new, fun fitness experience started today.

For addresses to our outdoor fitness class  locations click the link. To look at our live class schedule to book your experience, check out Schedulicity.

Ditch the treadmill, find your thrill: Unleash your beast in Outdoor HIIT Fitness Classes!

Tired of the gym grind? Crave a workout that’s more epic adventure than monotonous routine? Then brace yourself for Wired Fitness Outdoor HIIT Fitness Classes, where every session is a muscle-blasting, endorphin-surging blast!

Imagine this:

  • Cardio that ignites your soul: Forget treadmills, conquer natural obstacles, sprint through sun-dappled trails, and feel the thrill of pushing your limits in fresh air.
  • Strength that sculpts and empowers: Master dynamic movements that engage every muscle, building a leaner, stronger you ready to tackle anything.
  • Community that fuels your fire: Train alongside a tribe of like-minded warriors, cheering each other on, sharing sweat and smiles, never feeling alone.
  • No intimidation, just inspiration: Our expert trainers are your biggest cheerleaders, providing personalized guidance and motivation to conquer every challenge.
  • Results that scream success: Torch calories, sculpt lean muscle, boost endurance, and witness your fitness soar with every exhilarating session.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a total newbie, our diverse range of equipment and terrains caters to every level. Leave the boring routines behind and embrace the ever-evolving challenges that keep you hooked and your body guessing.

Scared of gyms? Fed up with the same old? Our Outdoor HIIT Bootcamp is your escape. We understand your struggles and craft workouts that feel more like adventures than chores. Get ready to sweat, laugh, and leave feeling like a total champion.

Sculpt your physique, ignite your spirit, join the Outdoor HIIT tribe! Your free class awaits – register now and unleash the beast within!

Want to dive deeper? Check out the gear we use to level up your workout: TRX, sandbags, medicine balls, weights, many types of bands, ropes and more!