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These days kids aren’t playing outside to get healthy or fit, they are connected to their tablets, cell phones, computers, games and TV.

Our Youth Fitness Training Programs around San Diego will provide a fun, motivating atmosphere that will challenge your children to set and reach their goals, raise confidence in their abilities and performance and help them to discover their strengths.

Our one-on-one and small group programs are designed for all levels of athletes or non-athletes, boys and girls, from all sports and backgrounds. Our trainers will be there to guide, encourage, instruct and motivate your kids and help them to achieve their fitness goals in the safest environment to keep them injury free.

Our first class location will be in East Clairemont at the Athletic Fields off Mt Acadia on TTH’s from 930-1030am.  

The cost of the Youth Fitness training classes are as follows:

  • $30 Drop In
  • $200/mo for 8 Class Sessions
  • $160/mo (multiple kids) 8 Class Sessions

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Our fast-paced, high-energy boot camp for kids combines cardiovascular, resistance and functional training in a unique environment.  Our program is designed to help build cardio and muscular endurance, strength, promote weight loss, encourage teamwork, and conquer and physical and mental challenges they face.  The classes provide a fun, motivational and challenging atmosphere that will help your child build self-confidence, creating a can-do attitude.  Every session is different, keeping the kids from boredom, keeping them excited about participating.

The movement programming is created by thoroughly trained coaches with over 20 years of performance training experience.  These classes are great for kids that are new to exercising and for those that are currently involved in sports.  We can either introduce your kids to fitness to carry with them for years to come, or help them reach their next level of fitness and improve their performance in their sport.


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