Exercise has innumerable physical and psychological benefits, including enhanced fitness and heart health, greater strength, better weight management, improved sleep and reduced stress. Meanwhile, families who keep fit in a family fitness training program with each other see their attachment, social development and emotional management skills improve. 

Families who are able to approach challenges together with an optimistic outlook can develop strong conflict-resolution skills and become more resilient.  Recent research from the University of Cambridge found that if parents were active, their children were 10 per cent more likely to work out.  And with obesity levels continuing to rise, it’s never been more important for adults to model good exercise habits to their children.  

The Covid-19 quarantine had some positives among the sea of negatives.  Family meal times were more frequent, bonds between parents and children were created and improved and we learned more about each other than ever before.

Lets build on these bonds and take them one step further and create a family fitness training program to allow your family to ‘succeed’ as a TEAM!

To participate in our public-coed group boot camp fitness classes as a family, check out our class schedule 

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