Looking for the Best Fat Burning Workout to Maximize Your Time?

We all wish our calorie incinerators lasted beyond the workout. Who does not want that burning effect to continue long after the workout is complete? That is the idea behind our approach to metabolic training. If it sounds too good to be true, it is not! Metabolic style of training is a well-studied strategy used with athletes to soldiers to the average fitness-enthusiast to maximize strength, lean muscle and shed excess fat. This method of training uses specific intense exercise programing to increase the efficiency of the body’s metabolism. Ultimately this training style teaches your body to burn more calories at a resting state. This is called afterburn, continuing caloric burn after the workout is complete.   A study shows that metabolic programming is effective at building muscle and depleting fat stores. It will not happen by itself though. You must put in the work to maximize results.   So, what exactly is metabolic training? It is a strategy to maximize the body’s ability to burn calories both during and after the workout. You achieve this by putting in maximum effort during the training session in short, intense cycles. The workouts are quicker and more concentrated than a typical cardio or strength workout.

The Benefits of Metabolic Workouts

  • Burning more calories while you work.Workouts are more effective burning 500-800 (maybe more in some individuals) calories every session.
  • Burning more calories at rest. EPOC (post-exercise oxygen consumption) which is called the ‘afterburn’ effect.  Your body keeps burning calories for hours after the workout is complete. Take a tennis ball for example, roll it and it continues to roll, roll it harder and it rolls further.  Same applies to your workouts.  The harder you push yourself, the further the caloric burn will take you beyond that session.
  • Build muscle faster.  In a metabolic session you typically use compound exercises. This recruits more muscle and triggers the release of growth hormones which is key to building lean muscle. You will feel your muscles burning, an internal process releasing hormones to adapt and increase strength for the next time. Combine this with fat burning and you are on the way to a lean and chiseled physique.
  • Increase cardiovascular endurance. Your typical gym workout, you do a set, rest, and repeat. Your heart rate only elevating during your sets. During your metabolic workout, your heart will be pumping harder with your body having to work harder to keep up with the pace. The greatest thing about this style of training is, you do not have to have cardio specific days any longer. Your cardio is built into every session. Talk about AWESOME! 
So, after hearing all of this. How come we have not heard from you yet? Today is the day you change your approach to workout programming. Are your curious? Then make sure you come out and try a class on us for FREE! Register here and take the next step to more efficient and effective workouts. Leave the boring cardio alone and enjoy the best fat burning workout you can do.

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