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It's Time to Reinvent and Redesign Your Program!

Hitting a wall in your fitness journey over 40? Feeling that familiar “been there, done that” with your exercise routine?


Targeted programming and variety are the keys to unlocking fresh progress in your fitness over 40. Your body is an incredible machine, but it adapts to exercise over time. To keep seeing results, you need to challenge it in new ways. This doesn’t mean throwing out everything you know and love; it’s about adding fresh approaches to familiar exercises.

That’s where we excel. We offer full-body HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts that combine strength training, cardiovascular exercise, flexibility, and mobility – all the essential ingredients for a well-rounded fitness over 40 program. Whether you choose private training, buddy sessions, or group classes, you’ll be on track to achieve your goals.

The beauty lies in the flexibility. Group classes, priced at $10-20 per session (around $150 monthly), provide a fun and motivating environment. Check out our class schedule. You’ll sweat it out alongside others, feeding off a shared energy and camaraderie. Private training ($75-100 per session) offers a personalized approach, ideal for those needing specific guidance or working around injuries. Buddy sessions ($50 per person) allow you to bring a friend or family member for extra accountability and support.

The destination is the same – a fitter, stronger you in your fitness over 40 journey. The route you choose depends on your preference and budget.

Remember, a dialed-in fitness program is just one piece of the puzzle. Once you’ve conquered your workout routine, we can help you focus on nutrition, the fuel that propels your fitness over 40 journey. By working on both aspects, you’ll unlock a whole new level of results.

Ready to break through that plateau and rediscover your fitness fire? We’re here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today and let’s get started on your fitness over 40 transformation!

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