Seriously what is better than ending the day looking out over Mission Bay and watching the sunset? While sweating buckets and doing something great for yourself?! I LOVE me some Wired Fitness! I’ve been going here working out with Bryan off and on for over ten years! You would think in those ten years I could figure out how to read the darn whiteboard!?..secretly I can’t I just follow and flow with whatever works for me that day and that workout.   I’m not the best in class, not even close, and that is totally ok with me. I’m 100% all about having fun and keeping it simple. I have fun every time I go. Since the board is a mystery to me, (even though it has been explained to me several, several times), I try to find someone early on who I think I can keep up with and follow throughout the class 🙂  The exercises are always new, always challenging and every time I go I know I’m getting a great workout. I recently had their team map out my macro nutrients and caloric guidelines, I’m excited to put those to work after the holidays!  Bryan is awesome. Super educated about all things fitness and extremely dedicated to helping his clients succeed. Even if he does bust my balls 99.9% of time! And no, no Bryan I’m not giving up my wine. But I will keep working out and will eat healthy as often as I can! Highly recommend this workout!

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