Fitness and Nutrition Resolutions You Can Stick To.

It’s that time of the year when we reflect on what was accomplished in the current year and what we’d like to accomplish in the year to come. This is the perfect time to take on new challenges, set new attainable goals and explore new opportunities with your fitness and nutrition resolutions.

The unfortunate thing is that more than half of all resolutions fail. Goals are too broad, abstract, struggle with support, lack of proper planning, or just the willpower to go the distance. Some even take on too much and try to change every aspect of their lives all at once.

Some key thoughts are to keep it simple, set small goals, make it meaningful, be smart, plan for bumps and obstacles, make yourself accountable, know who your support system is, congratulate yourself along the way, and most of all appreciate the process.

Jose (Mission Bay Client)
The best! All around challenge, guidance, and motivation to improve your quality of life through fitness and nutrition. The training is fun, challenging, and brings the best in you to achieve optimal health, focus, and mind healing. With multiple chronic injuries from combat, Wired Fitness was able to work strategic routines to improve my strength and stamina without causing any further damage or injury! Simply the BEST!!!
Ret. Navy Commander & Trauma Nurse

What Can Wired Fitness Do for Me?

  • Group Personal Training Classes in Mission Bay and Carmel Valley
  • 1-ON-1 and Buddy Personal Training ALL over San Diego
  • Macro Planning to help those with their nutrition that are independent
  • Nutritional guidance for those that need more help
  • Online Fitness Coaching for those that workout well on their own
  • Family Packages to get everyone in your household moving and eating right
  • Youth specific programs to help your little ones live a better life

Current Special for the New Year is 4 Weeks of Classes for only $23/week to get you started

Check out our Group Fitness Class Schedule around San Diego here

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