Finding the Right Youth Fitness Program by Me Shouldn't Be So Hard!

Wired Fitness’ Youth Fitness Program is creating small groups, offering 1-on-1, and family sessions in the Normal Heights, North Park, Kensington, University Heights and City Heights areas during the daytime hours to get your kids moving again. Put the screens away for a little while, develop social skills, build self-esteem and confidence, improve focus and attention to detail. We have several kids in the Normal Heights area that want to be part of a group. Are your kids ready to be challenged?  Want to tire them out a bit so you can relax with them frustrating you?  These classes will also help them improve their sleep and mood.  There are so many benefits to list here so why not experience what it can do for your kid today.

Coach Bryan has been helping kids in our youth fitness program for over 10 Years in the San Diego area, training professionally for over 22 years and personally for 35+.  He holds several sports performance certifications and a Master degree in Exercise Science. Regardless whether your child is athletic or sedentary, he will create a program that will help redefine, reshape and reinvent them into a new version of themselves. There aren’t that many kids programs outside of sports these days, so finding something they will enjoy is tough. Your search is over! Let me help introduce them to a program and lifestyle they can carry for years to come.

This program is for kids aged 10-17, but will consider 8-9 if they are able to follow instructions and focus. 1-on-1 and family sessions can be in-home or at a local park. Small groups (3-5) will be help at a neighborhood park of school field if open. Small groups are priced as low as $20-35 per kid per session. 1-on-1’s start at $85 and an additional $15 per kid for families.

For more information complete the information form below and Coach Bryan will get back to you. Interested in classes for yourself?  Check out our class locations and schedule

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