This training option is for those that don’t live in the San Diego area, those that travel frequently or for those residing out of the area. This is a convenient way to train on your own schedule and avoid the costs of personal training. Your program will be designed to progressively teach you purposeful and skillful movement patterns that will translate directly to lifetime activities, recreation, and sport. Our training program will be delivered through a series of different workouts based on your preferences to enhance your overall strength, coordination, body composition, body awareness, flexibility and balance. Programming is for beginner to advanced, sport specific to cardio and strength training, and is customized to fit your lifestyle and your goals.

How It All Works:     Your Fitness Coach will assess your gender, age, height, weight, basic metabolic rate (BMR), body composition, daily schedule, workout preferences, lifestyle and current activity levels.

This information will help your Fitness Coach assess and develop a detailed, customized plan for you based on your workout preferences. The plan will be packed with several workout options and programs. No boring workouts allowed! Fun workouts will keep you from straying.

All workout preferences can be incorporated: 

Power Lifting
Body Weight
Muscle Group Specific
Minimal Equipment
Sports Specific
Injury Prevention
or Any combination or style you choose

At Wired Fitness we will introduce you to a specific, simple, way to workout properly. After your individual fitness evaluation, we will help you understand the following:

What movements to avoid or improve
Workout timing and scheduling
How the program relates to your body
How it relates to your lifestyle
How to plan and prepare for success


  • Customized workout plan
  • Interval cardio program
  • Progressive routines
  • Easy to follow layouts
  • Overcome plateaus
  • Motivation & accountability
  • Result oriented plans to shed fat
  • Lean muscle gains
  • Unlimited support
  • Video call coaching for added support


  • Effective workouts to keep you on track
  • Programs designed specifically for you
  • Shed fat efficiently in half the time
  • Support lean muscle gains
  • Learn what works for you and your body
  • Avoid plateaus
  • Create healthy long-lasting habits
  • Enjoy a new you!

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